Project staff

Participating researchers according to projects. (*=former project members)

Project 01 - Project Coordination

Strasser Gottfried Speaker
Linster Alexandra Administration
*Ingrid Unger Administration

Project 02 - THz Synthesis and Interaction

Unterrainer Karl Project Leader
*Bachmann Dominic PhD Student
*Brandstetter Martin Post Doc
Darmo Juraj Senior Scientist
Derntl Christian PhD Student
*Dietze Daniel Post Doc
*Dobusch Lukas PhD Student
*Ertl Marie Christine Master Student
*Furchi Marco Mercurio PhD Student
*Kainz Martin PhD Student
*Karaman Jasmin Master Student
*Krall Michael Post Doc
*Limbacher Benedikt Master Student
*Schönhuber Sebastian PhD Student
*Schuler Simone PhD Student
Theiner Dominik Master Student
*Wachter Stefan PhD Student
Wenclawiak Moritz PhD Student

Project 03 - Strong-field Spectroscopy with Multicolor Pulses

Baltuška Andrius Project Leader
*Alisauskas Skirmantas Post Doc
*Andriukaitis Giedrius Post Doc
Fan Guangyu PhD Student
Flöry Tobias PhD Student
*Kaksis Edgar PhD Student
Kitzler-Zeiler Markus Senior Scientist
*Malevich Pavel PhD Student
*Maurer Raffael PhD Student
*Pugzlys Audrius Senior Scientist
*Pupeikis Justinas Master Student
*Shumakova Valentina PhD Student

Project 04 - Interactions of Ultrashort Field with Solid Surfaces and Nanostructures

Burgdörfer Joachim Project Leader
Brandstötter André PhD Student
Brezinova Iva Hunger  Senior Scientist
*Chizhova Larisa Post Doc
Donsa Stefan PhD Student
Floss Isabella PhD Student
*Jiang Wei-chao Post Doc
Kühmayer Matthias PhD Student
Lemell Christoph Senior Scientist
*Libisch Florian Senior Scientist
*Nagele Stefan Senior Scientist
*Pazourek Renate PhD Student
Pichler Kevin PhD Student
*Tiwald Franz Paul Post Doc
*Wachter Georg Post Doc
*Yoshida Shuhei Senior Scientist

Project 05 - Plasmonic Sources and Interaction

Krenn Joachim Project Leader
Belitsch Martin PhD Student
*Gasparic Marija PhD Student
Hohenau Andreas Senior Scientist
*Knebl Dario PhD Student
*Leitner Alfred Post Doc
Schmidt Franz Post Doc

Project 06 - Simulation of Plasmonic Nanoparticles

Hohenester Ulrich Project Leader
*Ebner Jakob PhD Student
*Hörl Anton PhD Student
Knebl Dario PhD Student
*Schmidt Franz Senior Scientist
*Schütky Robert PhD Student
Trügler Andreas PhD Student
Unger Gerhard PhD Student
*Waxenegger Jürgen PhD Student

Project 08 - Strong Coupling of Remote Ultra-high Q Microresonators

Rauschenbeutel Arno Project Leader
*Albrecht Bernhard PhD Student
Clausen Christoph Senior Scientist
Meng Yijian PhD Student
Schneeweiß Philipp Senior Scientist
*Volz Jürgen Post Doc
Walser Stefan PhD Student

Project 09 - Coupling and Cavity Interaction in Quantum Cascade Lasers and Detectors

Strasser Gottfried Project Leader
Andrews Aaron Maxwell Senior Scientist
Beiser Maximilian Master Student
*Detz Hermann Post Doc
*Harrer Andreas PhD Student
Holzbauer Martin PhD Student
*Lancaster Suzanne PhD Student
*MacFarland Donald PhD Student
*Reininger Peter PhD Student
*Ristanic Daniela PhD Student
*Schwarz Benedikt Post Doc
*Schwarzer Clemens Post Doc
*Szedlak Rolf PhD Student
*Zederbauer Tobias PhD Student

Project 10 - Nonlinear Phenomena in Complex Photonic Structures

Rotter Stefan Project Leader
*Ambichl Philipp PhD Student
Brandstötter André PhD Student
*Burkhardt Stephan PhD Student
*Doppler Jörg PhD Student
*Hartl Benedikt PhD Student
*Hisch Thomas PhD Student
*Krimer Dmitry Senior Scientist
*Kühmayer Matthias PhD Student
Liertzer Matthias Senior Scientist
*McWilliams Alasdair Master Student
*Pichler Kevin PhD Student
*Zens Matthias PhD Student







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