Strong Coupling of Remote Ultra-high Q Microresonators - Project 08

Project Leader: Arno Rauschenbeutel

We aim to achieve a long-standing goal of photonics: the strong coupling of two remote optical microresonators, compatible with the requirements of cavity quantum electrodynamics. This objective is motivated by exciting applications in the context of optical (quantum) information processing as well as for the implementation of strong light–light interaction at the level of single photons.

The project will employ a novel type of ultra-high Q whispering-gallery-mode resonator – the so-called bottle microresonator. Bottle microresonators combine characteristic advantages of whispering-gallery-mode resonators, like ultra-high quality factors, small mode volumes, and nearly lossless in- and out-coupling of light via tapered fiber couplers, with a customizable and fully tunable mode structure which is similar to Fabry-Pérot microresonators. This unique combination of properties makes bottle microresonators ideal candidates for CQED experiments. In a second experiment, we plan to trap and to optically interface laser-cooled neutral atoms with the evanescent field surrounding the nanofiber waist of a tapered optical fiber. The trap relies on the combined effect of the attractive dipole force exerted on the atoms by the evanescent field and the repulsive centrifugal barrier that arises when the atoms orbit around the nanofiber.

This system realizes a two-dimensional “artificial atom” and is predicted to exhibit genuine quantum dynamical effects like collapse and revival of the spinning atomic wave packet. Light that propagates through the nanofiber and that interacts with the orbiting atoms will carry an imprint of this dynamics and will thus allow one to probe and to test the quantum nature of the atomic motion with several hundred quanta of angular momentum.







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